The Queen That I Am

I heard of a queen, whose palace was set on a hill, and adorned with jewels. Though surrounded by much wealth, she was discontent and desired elaborate displays of her riches and the receipt of expensive gifts. It was the king's job to satisfy her appetite. And this he did with much grandeur.

He always knew when he married her that that was how she longed to be loved. He was ready to give all to possess her, because she was beautiful to behold. With his affluence he had gained her heart. With his affluence, he gained the heart of many a woman, as he bought all he desired. And it was known that he had many concubines.

I also learnt of another queen, equal in beauty and majesty, who lives in a glorious palace. It is said of her that "her worth is far above rubies" (Prov 31:10) and that "the heart of her husband safely trusts her" (v11). Though royal, "she willingly works with her hands" (v13).

She is hailed abroad for her kindness, as she "provides food for her household and a portion for her servants" (v15). Even as "she extends her hand to the poor" (v20), she is still careful to ensure that "all her household is clothed with scarlet" ( v21), and "her clothing is fine linen and purple" (v22).

She is remarkably different from the other queen, (known as Vanity), and her husband knows the kind of woman that she is, "a virtuous woman" (v10). For this her many traits he loved her, knowing her heart doesn't delight in riches nor vanity, "so he will have no lack of gain" (v11). Indeed, "she does him good...all the days of her life" (v12), and he too is a good husband to her.

He is proud to "sit among the elders of the land" (v23) and "praises her" (v28) often. Their children also "rise up and call her blessed" (v28). They all learn many things from her as "she opens her mouth with wisdom" (v26) and duly "watches over the ways of her household" (v27).

Still I hear of many queens in the land, and many princesses too, who desire to become queens. Most have envied Queen Vanity, and desired for a husband such as hers. They imagined that she was happy, because her days were full of leisure and she lacked nothing she wanted. Little did they know that she lived with a broken heart, and a fearful countenance...

Few princesses desire the lot of the virtuous woman. They do not understand why she labours needlessly and gives away so much wealth. But I understand her well, for she is my kin. We are of the same breed, the kind that "fears the Lord" (v30), whose clothing is "strength and honor" (v25). Wisdom has taught us that "charm is deceitful and beauty is passing" (v30), but our "own works" (v31) shall praise us.

There are times that I've forgotten the kind of queen that I am. In a world populated with wrong values, it is easy to be misguided by false standards. We might start to desire the treatment of Queen Vanity; to be wined and dined, taken on expensive trips and showered with gifts - and not fully appreciate the treatment from our king, who treats us accordingly to his understanding of our virtue. More than gifts, he praises us saying: "Many daughters have done well, but you excel them all" (v29).

What higher appreciation is there than to have a husband who thinks so highly of you, praises you, gives you liberty to pursue your passions, even supporting you as you minister to the needy, and is faithful to you? Why do we desire those who want to buy us, as though our worth is not above rubies...?

[ctt template="3" link="UE_w0" via="yes" ]Why do we desire those who want to buy us, as though our worth is not above rubies...?[/ctt]

In the dating field, Christian women seeking a man who fears the Lord, want to judge him by earthly standards: how much he spends on her and how desirous he is to get her in bed. When treated with the honour she deserves, she becomes restless and seeks one who will make her feel like Queen Vanity. And unfortunately, many find themselves in her elaborate palace, living with a broken heart and a fearful countenance.

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10 thoughts on “The Queen That I Am”

  1. It happen to me. When we started dating she told me she is convince that I am her husband, suddenly she met this Man who was materialy richer than I was then and she left me for him. The pain was too much for me to bear , I truely gave her everything. I called her my Princess and she did same too. Now she is married to him but full of regreat. And this is what she said…… David, I don’t go to church again, I am always sick this days, I spend a lot of Money for my family but I am not a happy person. If you were me what will you do? What will you say? My world is still empty. My palace is still waiting for that godly woman who will be my Queen. So help me God.

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  2. Thank you Ufuomaee, so beautifully shared with so much Truth, and yes we can share the Hope we have when we know our Spiritual Husband Jesus Christ Loves and cherishes us, nothing can take away our self-worth even a earthly husband that does not value and appreciate us, yes it is True, sadly some Proverbs 31 woman have also known heartbreak through their husbands sinful flesh and their own sins in the past but in knowing now how much they are Loved by The Lord, they remain strong and committed, seeking to give from their heart in Love to honour their King of Kings, to uphold Him as they reach out to those who are poor in spirit who need to know the riches found in Him and they continue to Love and pray for their earthly husbands, Trusting in The Lord and so the riches of this world do not have great value except that they are thankful to God for His many blessings.

    As woman of God, Loved and cherished by Him, they are part of His Holy Nation, clothed in Christs robe of Royalty and righteousness made white through the scarlet thread of redemption, their meat is God’s Truth that they share and the vineyard they buy with the riches God has blessed them with are their Ministries which is their outreach to a hurting world in which they shine like the stars.

    The Proverbs 31 woman has much Spiritual Truth, thank you again Ufuomaee for the beauty of the picture you shared.

    Christian Love from both of us – Anne

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  3. Sorry Ufuomaee, I didn’t realise it was you who had joined up with us, when I commented before, I visited you because I had read your comment in which you referred to me on another Blog, yes I appreciated your kind words about me but was also blessed with your own thoughts, so I wanted to meet you but being motivated by your message to respond, I forgot to thank you, then when I went back to my Inbox there you were, so thank you very much, I’m sure I’m going to be very blessed by your messages.

    Christian Love – Anne.

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