A Valentine Set-Up

The lives of a recruitment executive, a boutique owner, a seamstress, and an aspiring vocalist collide in this short story about how, though everything happens for a reason, we must bear the responsibility for our decisions. When a disgruntled married man meets an usher he has been crushing on, he sets out to do all […]

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The Marriage ABCs

The Marriage ABCs is the ultimate Christian’s guide to living for Christ in your marriage. It uses the 26 letters of the alphabet to share many truths about love, marriage, and our life in Christ. If you are single, you will be well-equipped to enter marriage with the right person and the right perspective. And

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Hell Hath No Fury – An African Christmas Romance Anthology

A collection of novellas by twenty, beautiful women of African descent, sharing their culture, their experiences, their dreams, and their truth.  With the theme, “hell has no fury like a woman scorned,” they highlight the conditions and treatment of Black women and the injustices they still face due to tradition, prejudice, sexism, and even religion. 

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The Atheist

Darren is a young, married, Caucasian man, who denies the existence of God. He wakes up one day to a strange reality. He is dead, but he is still conscious. How can that be? Fortunately for him, he has a guide, Samuel, who prepares him for the moment of reckoning… Darren has to come to

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