This is the first book by Ufuomaee I am reading and the question on my heart is, “Where have you been all my life?” The bends and curves of this book was exhilarating. I loved how effortlessly impacting the words of this book was. As I was reading, I was imaging the author sitting in front of an audience reading the book out in a very gentle and quiet voice and majority of the audience with their hands on the chests and tears in their eyes. This book illustrated love, forgiveness and restoration in an absolutely touching and real way. The characters were phenomenal, even the not so good ones. Lovers of a good and real story will love this book. I read it in a sitting.
Such a beautiful and heart-melting story! I absolutely enjoyed every bit of it and couldn’t put it down till I was done! Safe to say other aspects of my life suffered at the time. But with good reason! ? Well done Ufuoma! The world hasn’t begun to hear of you yet. But soon!
This book moved me in ways I didn’t think I could be moved. The story was engaging and fun and the pace of development was believable. I also really liked the plot and twists in the story because that is what life is….nothing is ever easy. However beyond the story, the underlying message was so clear and profound. It moved me to tears….this book is a wonderful resource for couples and marriages in our present times with the levels of stress, strife and failures all around us, I believe it is important to have fictional but believable works such as this, that give people tools and wisdom to forge ahead. Everyone can take something away from this one. Even if you are not in the same situation, this book will help on your journey. The counsellor’s messages and support were so on point….everything literally came together on this one. I also recommend reading the bible passages sprinkled throughout the text and reflecting on them individually and in the context of your own experiences. I believe this will be a blessing to everyone who does this. This is truly a piece of art. Thank you Ufuomaee!
I just finished gulping Perfect Love and the taste and urge for more is unquenchable Perfect Love is perfectly expressed and a must read for all who desire and demand perfect love either as married or singles.
The Naive Wife is a lovely story masterfully told for anyone and everyone who loves Love. Rachel is your One in a Million girl who any guy would dream to have. She’s beautiful, intelligent, generous, passionate about adding value to others through the work she does on radio which she considers a ministry, and above it all, she’s a Christian seeking to please God. Talk about so many qualities rolled into one. Ejike, Doug and Dongjap all try to win her hand in marriage, and amidst fears of wanting the best, coupled with pressures from family, she has to make a choice. It’s a relatable story with vital lessons for every Single individual who hopes to get married.
A narrative well structured on a plot striking balance between Christian, sociocultural, and personal beliefs on relationships, as well as informative, rather educative, all the way, which will keep you reading from the first chapter to the last as quick as you can…
Wow!!! Rachel’s Choice (The Naive Wife) has undeniably earned a coveted spot on my top bookshelf of Christian love stories. I’m not even going to attempt to review it because I doubt that I could do it justice. You have to experience it to understand all that every single reviewer has experienced.
Rachel’s Choice!! This book! I couldn’t put it down. As I read, it took me back to pre-marriage when I was really really concerned about not making a mistake with my choice of a spouse. I knew just how important this decision was. I could feel (like really feel) Rachel’s dilemma and confusion. Wow! Thank you Ufuoma for writing this book. I couldn’t stop reading, I had to find out what the final choice would be. You wrote this drawing the reader into Rachel’s life. It feels like there exists a real ‘Rachel’….. I guess there are many ‘Rachels’ out there. I will keep mum on Rachel’s Choice until you read it and tell me what you think – Doug Vs Ejike Vs Dongjap One thing I’d say though is that this choice thing, you need God and wise counsel!
Where 🤷🤷do I actually start to appreciate this book?! Everything about this book is exceptional. It brought out every single emotion in me! I laughed, cried, yelled... I even prayed at some point 😂😂😂 Truthfully, Ufuomaee, your books are all top notch. The character-depth, captivating conversations, and the way you portray various issues in each scene... Oh my God, they look super real 🤩🤩 All pure perfection👌 I also love how you shared real life barriers that singles and couples face during the different stages of their lives, relationships, and marriages. I like the way you arranged their names. It made it very easy to read and understand. I respect your incorporation of scripture and songs. They are really encouraging 🙏 I must applaud👏👏 you for putting together this masterwork. This was a completely amazing read, which was not just engaging but very enlightening. The fact is, this book is a blessing. I learned so many lessons from most of the cast, like Danny's confidence in God, Mary's strength, compassion, and loyalty to God and her family, and also her knowledge. God's intervention in Amaka's life; that part sweet me enh😁. The way God is fixing Cindy's life... But I'm very saddened that a supposed man of God like Pastor Ajibade will be an opportunist...hmm... Only God will judge 🧑‍⚖️ I love the way God showed up for Jamie... God of all possibilities 🙌 And Temi... God is not done with you yet 😥 Don't give up. In fact all the characters in this book are superb! This book completely blew my mind. It managed to surpass my high expectations and be nothing at all like I expected. 👏 Abeg this book is one of the best 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟 Thanks to the super amazing author, Ufuomaee, for making yourself a useful vessel in the hands of the Almighty. May God bless you more abundantly.
Before I started reading my ARC of this book, I kept wondering if I would be able to remember the characters with respect to their relationship with one another from the previous 3 seasons which I enjoyed so much. Thanks to the author, this wasn’t an issue at all as she presented the characters in a relatable manner to remind readers of who they are/were. The realness in this pragmatic fiction book makes one wonder whether the author is actually telling the real-life stories of a particular set of people. The characters’ imperfections and flaws are bared in such a way that I could relate to them in an everyday life scenario. Sometimes you see the characters repeat the same mistakes, question God, waver in their faith, do things we all must have done at one point in our lives and we see how God extends his graciousness again and again to them, even when they feel unworthy of it. A Small World – Season 4 is a story of second chances and restoration, it helps us appreciate God’s mercy and his willingness to heal us and our relationships, if only we would let him. It was an incredible read and I loved every piece of it, albeit the author decided to leave me in suspense and anticipation of the next installment!

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