A Valentine Set-Up

The lives of a recruitment executive, a boutique owner, a seamstress, and an aspiring vocalist collide in this short story about how, though everything happens for a reason, we must bear the responsibility for our decisions. When a disgruntled married man meets an usher he has been crushing on, he sets out to do all […]

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Hell Hath No Fury – An African Christmas Romance Anthology

A collection of novellas by twenty, beautiful women of African descent, sharing their culture, their experiences, their dreams, and their truth.  With the theme, “hell has no fury like a woman scorned,” they highlight the conditions and treatment of Black women and the injustices they still face due to tradition, prejudice, sexism, and even religion. 

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The Atheist

Darren is a young, married, Caucasian man, who denies the existence of God. He wakes up one day to a strange reality. He is dead, but he is still conscious. How can that be? Fortunately for him, he has a guide, Samuel, who prepares him for the moment of reckoning… Darren has to come to

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