The Dream That Became A Nightmare

He was a good man.  He possessed rare qualities, that were desirable to all women, and ones for which she had sought after for so many years.  He was clearly a man destined for great things, who attributed his successes to the Lord.  And she saw that, indeed, he was a good man.  But he was also a taken man.

After their first encounter, which she had rehearsed over and over in her mind, as she convinced herself that he was her soul mate, she became obsessed with thoughts of what might have been if she had met him first.  She knew that she should let him go, and look for someone she could call her own.  But her will was weak, and she frequently sought to be in his presence, and showered him with affections.

Because he was a sincere man, he treated her with respect and honour.  However, even though he knew she too was an attractive woman, he was not a cautious man.  He failed to see her attempts to seduce, and allowed himself to be flattered by her flirtatious advances.  His pride was touched, and he was pleased to be desired again, in a way that he had not felt in a while with his beloved wife.  He did not see that he could fall, convinced, as he was, of his own strength and sincerity.

It started with casual telephone calls, then 'work-related' meetings at lunch time.  She was his friend, at least that was what he told himself, and there was no harm in enjoying the company of another woman.  At first, he mentioned these 'meetings' to his wife...until he realised how much he desired the meetings; after which he decided that there was absolutely no need to disclose everything he did in a day to his wife.  He had to work, and she understood.

All the while, his new colleague was encouraged that perhaps she had not missed her opportunity after all.  Was he not choosing to spend his time with her, and showing so much delight in her?  Her dreams of forever after were awakened again, and she decided that he was very much available to her.  She believed that the man she desired, was the man she would receive.  She did not know that the good man she first saw was undergoing a transformation.

From their first kiss, which they both admitted was wrong, and promised would never repeat itself, the good man was changed forever.  The once faithful and considerate husband was now a cheat and a liar, corrupted by his lust and pride.  He was a double-minded man, who loved his wife, but could not keep away from his temptation.  He became an unstable man, as he wrestled with his conscience over his infidelity.  He was plagued by his desire for the other woman, until he had not only sampled her goods, but devoured her.  The seed had been sown...and it was going to bear its fruit - death!

The wicked woman, as she will be known, did not see that she had lost.  She had not gained the man she sought, neither did she keep the man that was created by her envy.  All she had succeeded to do was to turn a good man away from his wife, and bring their holy bond into compromise.  Even as she saw her wickedness, she did not relent, deceived as she was.  Deluded, she believed that the man would still come back to her, after she succeeded in breaking up his matrimonial home.

But when he came to his senses, how he hated her!  He knew he had fallen from a great height, and that he was also to blame...but he loathed the sight of her.  Though he tried to keep his wife from finding out, the wicked woman played her evil hand and confronted his wife.  That was when the nightmare began for all three of them.  It was also then that the wicked woman knew that, in fact, she was wicked!  When she saw that she was no longer desired, but hated, and that the angel she once admired from a distance, was actually just a flawed man, she came to her senses - albeit much too late.

Torn by this assault on her marriage, the wife had to make a decision.  One she had prayed against for many years.  While he waited to know his fate, the cheat was in torment at the thought of losing his beloved.  The wicked woman stood alone, in greater misery than she had known before.

How deceitful is envy, to desire what is not yours.  Ladies, be warned!  If it is not yours, you cannot keep it - at least, not in the way that it existed before you forceably made it yours!  Gentlemen, be advised!  Protect what you cherish.  The devil will not ask your permission to invade, but if you are careless, you might as well send him an invitation...

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12 thoughts on “The Dream That Became A Nightmare”

  1. Waoh! Very touching indeed but the crux is, our ability to resignate to faith lies in our hands, as we also strive to liberate ourselves from the fears and superstitions that hold us bound. It can only get better as I’m always saying ‘After the dark comes sunshine into our lives’. Cheers!!!

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  2. A very important and needed warning Ufuomaee, so many desire to find companionship and someone who Loves them and who they can Love too, we were created with these needs and so they consider any cost worth it but the cost is great and can have long term reaching bad affects when it is based on the carnal flesh, which must be put to death so it does not cause bondage or allow Satan to have a foothold in our lives.

    Adultery is not the unforgivable sin but can lead to other sin if not repented of, this is referring to True heart repentance, which means to turn away from sin and choose to do good by the empowering of The Holy Spirit.

    Blessings in our Unity in Christ Jesus – Anne

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