The Fool Who Followed A Ghost

One day, a boy found a ghost in his house hiding in the closet.  He screamed and ran to his bed, where he hid under the covers.

The ghost called to him, "hey, I don't bite. I am friendly. I just want to be understood."

At first, the boy was afraid, but then he got excited with the idea of having a ghost as a friend. Rising from beneath the covers, he asked "What's your name?"

"Loss," said the friendly ghost, as he came out of the closet.

"Nice to meet you," said the boy. "I am Foolish. They call me Fool for short."

So, Fool and Loss became fast friends. They talked about a lot of things, but they soon realised that they had so little agreement on perspectives. Loss didn't appreciate food or sleep, and constantly bothered Fool, when he was trying to sleep. Loss however could do so many things that Fool couldn't do, and he loved to show off.

He could walk through objects. He could fly. He could divide and be in several places all at once! Fool tried to show off his tricks too, but Loss wasn't impressed with them - not even his abilities to hold objects and to be seen by men. Loss could throw objects, though he couldn't hold them.  And he boasted about how he could see everyone, though Fool can only see what's in front of him.

Fool wanted so much to impress Loss, and to be like him. He asked Loss how he became able to do all those things. So Loss told him. Still Fool did not understand. So Loss showed him, how he went to the tallest point of a tall bridge and threw himself on top of the rocks.

"Ouch! That must have been painful!" Fool gasped.

"Oh, it was nothing! I didn't feel a thing," said Loss. "Now, I can go and do whatever I want. I am free. You can be too".

Fool looked at Loss, and looked at all he had. He asked Loss, "what about my family?"

"You will still see them. They will see you differently, but they don't know what they are missing. This is the life!"

So Fool decided he would do it! He would go to the city bridge that night, as Loss advised that would be the best time, since no one would be around to disturb them, because they would all be sleeping.

At the bridge, just to encourage him, Loss took a dive and plunged into the waters. Fool looked around one last time, and then took his own dive!

It wasn't as painless as Loss described. In fact, it was torture. He drowned in the waters, struggling to survive with no one to help him. And the worst part of it was that Loss was no where to be found!

The moral of the story is simply this: "Don't be a fool and follow the willfully lost! No matter how attractive their lives may seem, you've got so much more at stake, and much to gain through perseverance".

"The thief cometh not, but for to steal, and to kill, and to destroy: I am come that they might have life, and that they might have it more abundantly" (John 10:10)!

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