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At a young age, Promise is molested by her uncle, and her life is never the same again. She grows up to be promiscuous, using sex to meet basic necessities and luxuries of life. She's intrigued to meet Ope, a Christian man who practices celibacy, and in her attempts to make him fall, she falls in love...

But married life is not all she dreamed it would be. Their chemistry in bed leaves much to be desired, and Promise soon loses the fight against her sexual urges. Convinced that they can never work, she wants to leave, but Ope doesn't believe in divorce. In her struggle for freedom, she discovers the depths of her own wickedness, as she seeks to break the man she once loved fervently.

Broken is a story about broken people who break others, and the divine power of love that conquers all.



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Broken was produced in audio format by Mixsie Fun Books in 2017.  Get the AUDIO VERSION.  You can also order the paperback from my store HERE or via Amazon HERE.

28 thoughts on “Broken”

  1. This is simply amazing. I am fascinated by you absolute commitment to your craft. Well done Ufuomaee, beyond your literal work you inspire and challenge me to be more. I pray you more grace, breakthrough on every side and that your reward for hardwork will come as at when due.

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      1. Tracy Okitavwota

        Broken is a Must read for everyone. There are so many young girls in the world who have been molested just like promise. It really pained my heart to see young girls in the street living ungodly life. Promise life thought me many things but I will mention one …. God will never condemn the life of any human, he loves everyone of his children and there is still hope for those living ungodly life. As for Ope, he is one in a billion kind of guy. Immediately I finish reading this book I prayed to God for a Man just like Ope, someone who heart is for God, someone is ready to accept you just as inperfect as u are. Parents also have alot to learn from this book. I have said too much ???Go get a copy. More Grace to you Aunty ?

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  2. The title broken is a very strong word and I think it was carefully picked, promise wouldn’t have had such an hideous life if not for the trauma experience as a child, a lot of broken women out there who act the way they act because of how life treated them and unless we learn to love and show compassion like ope,just as a loving God who look not at our wrongs but yet go out of his way to love us unconditionally, men and women like promise can never come to the point of been broken for until we broken, we cannot come to the understanding of what a loving God went through to save us

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  3. I felt bad for promise and the fact they are children (both sex) out there who are abused in this country.i learnt alot from this stories and i pray that people like uncle bill and tony be put behind bar’s
    Thank u sis for jst a wonderful and inspirational message it made me realize that God is the perfect cure 4 heartbreak

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    1. Broken is indeed a page turner, leaving you with watery eyes and racing heart.

      Emotionally satisfying, evocative and exceptional are few adjectives that accompany this blockbuster.

      The plot centres around the ancient love story of Hosea and Gomer, retold in the lives of Ope and Promise.

      Broken reminded me of my past. In the midst of it, I cried. Like Promise, I had sought for love in the wrong places. But like a skilled Evangelist, shows me where true love is found-in God.

      When I turned the last page, I found myself reaching out again to the God who loves me and sent Jesus Christ to die for me.

      Dear Ma’am, thank you for writing Broken. It touched my heart and soul.

      Broken will always stay with me.

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  4. Mo Alakiu Ajibola

    i enjoyed reading broken. There are so many things i gleaned from the book.

    Firstly, is the fact that marriage is a ministry, its an expression of our faith and they are 3 parties in a marriage. God who witnesses all things, the husband and the wife.

    Secondly, the story reminds me of the love Christ has for us, as his bride. It’s deep and unconditional.

    Thirdly, the character Ope, had the option to walk out of his marriage, adultery is only condition given for a divorce in the bible, but he did not. I like the fact that the book highlights that, God expects us to fight for our marriages in the place of prayer..

    Well done to the author, for sharing bible principles and for educating about the ills in our society and its effect.

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      1. Broken. Hhhmmmm.
        I enjoyed how this book opened my eyes to see how we all are broken in one way and how God embraces us with his loving arms.
        It points us to our Loving Father.

        Good job, Ufuomaee. You have done well.
        Keep soaring.

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  5. Broken is written in a comprehensible language and riveting narrative.

    It’s a touching story about a wayward wife (Promise) and a loving husband (Ope): Broken people break people but it ends well. It’s about uncompromising love, betrayal, repentance and retributive justice.

    Ufuoma proved her mettle yet again like a fine master of storytelling.

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      1. God bless you for using your pen! God bless you for allowing God use you! God bless you for answering your call! You’re fire, a light , a voice in our generation and a gift !

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  6. Kikelomo Kuponiyi

    Broken is a tough read! However it accurately reflects our human tendency to go the wrong way and God’s unfailing love and patience in restoring us to Himself. While we were still sinners, He loved us and provided a way for us to come back home! That is the summary of this well to story. It paints a very vivid picture of how undeserving we are, of God’s love and also how long suffering God is towards us. Kudos to Ufuoma! A touching story indeed!

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  7. Marian Okitavwota

    I read the book Broken and l really see the need for we parents to be very careful about our children especially our girl children. From infant we don’t want to leave them with strangers, neighbors or our extended family. A lot of them are being molested. As parents we want to teach our children the fear of God and what is written in the holy book, as they grow up they will not devate from it. As parents we want to show good conduct to them and also teach them the need to be patient in anything they do, and the need to put their trust in God because He is the Alpha and finisher of our faith. We want to continue to rely on him. If we do, all our way will be successful. There are more good lessons in that book, about faith and marriage too. Please try and get your copy and you will enjoy reading it just as l have done. There are a lot of books written by Ufuomaee. Please try and get one of them and you will not regret reading it.

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  8. Broken reminds me of the story of Hosea in the bible. How he married a prostitute and she kept going back to the life he picked her from despite all the love he showed to her. This is a reminder of God’s love towards us, even in our filthiness God still loves us and wants us to be his own. No matter the dirty things we have done in the past, God still love us and he is telling us to leave it in the past and so we do not have to listen to the lie of the devil and let him win.

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  9. What a redemptive love! It pierces through the darkest, most rebellious of hearts, bringing healing and restoration. Thank you, Ufuomaee for writing so grippingly! I became a part of their lives. I felt every emotion. I smiled when they smiled and grieved when they did. You’re a phenomenal writer. Thank you for sharing your gift with our world!

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