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Calling all you bookworms and fiction addicts!  Are you looking for a great book to read?  Filled with lots of drama, lots of action, lots of inspiration…?

Broken is not just any fictional book.  It’s not just another romantic novel.  It is a deep, thought-provoking and challenging read, which addresses issues regarding child sexual abuse, sex addiction, infidelity, sexual exploitation, marriage breakdown and more.  In this book, I take a hard look at sex, which the world doesn’t seem to get enough of, and show how dangerous illegitimate exposure to sex can be at any age.

The message of the Gospel is clearly passed in the book, which draws from the Hosea story and tells of a Christian man who obeys God’s unique call to marry a promiscuous woman, as He seeks to show His love to a broken world.  Promise is a broken woman, in more ways than one.  She does not know how to receive nor give love, and is unable to believe that her husband, Ope, loves her unconditionally.  Most of all, she is unable to comprehend God nor fathom His will and love in all she has suffered.  At the climax of the book, she is broken in a whole new way that sets the stage for her redemption.

If you’ve been following my blog, you have probably read the whole story already.  I’ve had several people ask me about republishing it on their sites.  However, for copyright reasons, I request/ed that they simply reblog or share a 200 word excerpt and link back to the series on my blog.

Now, you’ve got something even better!  You can download your free copy of the book, and you can help with the widespread distribution of this book by copying the cover image below and pasting it on your website, with this link where others can download their copy:

The book is absolutely free, so please do not apply any conditions to downloading it, including asking for email addresses in return.  Please do not link the image to your downloaded copy, but always to the authorised retailers (Smashwords and Okadabooks) where others can get their authorised copies.  You can also simply send the links to the book for downloads via email or social media.

I appreciate your help is getting this book to reach the world.  I wrote it by God’s inspiration, and He deserves all the credit.  It is my hope and prayer that many will come to the Lord through this book, that many marriages will be preserved or restored, and many broken people will realise that God isn’t through with them yet!

God bless you as you read and share.  You can also support by dropping a review on the Smashwords page.  If you would like to partner with me to write more free books to reach the world, kindly support me on Patreon,  My next free book is called ‘The Atheist’, and I hope to release it in the next quarter.

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