A Preview: A Small World – Season Three (A Few Good Men)


Please note that this series contains some sexually explicit content, violence and offensive language.  It is not appropriate for children nor an immature and sensitive audience.

Hey y’all!  Another season of A Small World is about to drop!  I’m so excited to share with you this preview.  I don’t have a date for the release yet, cos I am trying to get the paperback released on the same date as the ebook and the publication of the first episode on my blog, but I am thinking by mid or late April!  I will announce when you can pre-order your copy for those of you who prefer to read at a go, rather than waiting per episode.

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It started as a dull ringing.  Samuel tossed in his bed, as the ring tone pierced through his dreams to his consciousness.  He hovered a lazy hand over his bedside table to retrieve his phone from where he’d kept it, silently cursing the cause of the disruption to his sleep.  The next thing he heard was the sound of his phone crashing to the floor.

“Urgh!” he groaned, stiring and rising from his bed.  The ringing had stopped.  He looked down the side of his bed and saw his phone face down on the floor.  Turning it around, the cracked screen had gotten some new fine lines, and Samuel sighed.

It was 00:20.  Samson wasn’t back from his night out, and he was sure he would be the only one calling at such an ungodly hour.  He should call him back to find out what it is.  Just then the phone began to ring again.

“Hey…” Samuel answered lazily.

“I’ve been arrested!  I swear, I didn’t do it!” Samson started.

Samuel sat up straight, sleep vanished from his eyes.  “What?!”


Jamie could never forget the night that Adania came for Tommy.  It was like the worst nightmare that he never could have imagined.  Even with all the evil he had done to her, to her family, he never thought that she could be so cold to him.  This was the woman who had donated a pint of her own blood to save him the first time he had been shot!  There was nothing Adania wouldn’t have done for him.

But that was until he broke her.  He showed her just how cruel he could be, disregarding her love and devotion, and now…she didn’t love him anymore.  He saw it in her eyes.  Pure unadulterated hatred.  If not for the witnesses she came with, she would probably have picked up a knife to stab him in the heart, as she’d sought to do, the day of her fall.

I love him, Adania,” he’d protested feably.  “I love you…  Please give us a chance!

He could still hear her laughter in his ears at his profession of love and plea.


Temi bathed continually in the memory of her first time with Michael.  It had exceeded her imagination, how he had been able to break through her resistance and unleash her inner Madonna.  It had been an explosive first time.  And she knew that her life would never be the same.

Her lips trembled now as she thought of her husband.  She hardly spared him a thought these days.  Truly, she had wanted to get back at him, but now, she just wanted to be happy.  And she sort of understood why he couldn’t stop running around and doing his dirt.  He too just wanted to be happy.  They were just two selfish people who didn’t belong to each other…anymore.


Lola watched her husband sleeping.  He was so close but seemed so far away.  Something was the matter with him, but she struggled to place it.  He seemed to be battling something, almost seemed like guilt, because he could hardly hold her gaze any more.  Was there someone else?

She’d closed her book about ten minutes ago, lost in thought, because of one of the scenes in her novel.  It made her think of her marriage, and wonder if they had what it takes to survive a similar storm.  She loved Bolu very much, and she was sure he loved her too.  But her marriage was missing an important ingredient, she thought.  She really hoped the retreat would help them discover what it is, and go deeper in their marriage.


“I’m sorry.  Your card has been declined.”

“Excuse me?” Amaka replied the cashier at the supermarket.  She had to be mistaken.

The woman looked bored as she handed the card back to Amaka.  “It’s declined.  Do you have another card?”

“Please, just try it again,” Amaka said, waving the card away.  She looked about, feeling rather embarrassed.  It was just a simple purchase.  Not even up to N10,000!

The cashier tried again.  “I’m sorry ma’am.  Do you have another card, or can you pay with cash instead?”


“Hey… I’m in LA now,” he said, happy that she’d picked his call.

“Hey…  Thank God for journey mercies…” she said, pleasantly.

“Yeah, thank God.  So, are you okay?”

“Yes, I’m fine.  Why shouldn’t I be?”

“Well…  You didn’t sound like yourself the last time we chatted.  And I couldn’t reach you on phone last night.  You sure everything’s cool?”

“Hm hmm,” she muttered.  “Maybe we can talk when you get back…”

“You’re scaring me, babe,” Michael said, feeling his chest constrict.  “What’s going on?”

“Michael…  I love you, but what if I’m wrong?”

Michael felt his heart burst open and several birds fly free from its cage.  He closed his eyes as he responded.  “You know that’s the first time you’re telling me you love me…  Temi, don’t overthink this.  I love you, you love me.  That’s what matters.”


“Are you just going to stand over there…?  Come, sit, let’s chat.”

Amaka strode over to the sofa and took a seat at the edge of it.  Andi edged in closer.  She took in a deep breath.

Andi sat up straight and turned to her.  Just as she was thinking he would do something totally inappropriate, he said, “That was quite a performance you put on on Saturday…”

Amaka smiled thinly.  “Thank you.”

“I think you’d do well in that role, but I was also hoping you could show me some of your diversity,” Andi said, looking at her pointedly.  He licked his lips again.  “Some, tenderness maybe…”

Amaka swallowed.  She looked right back at him.  “I’m not sure what you mean, Sir.”

Andi smiled and placed a hand on Amaka’s thigh.  “There is a soft side to you, isn’t there?”


Amaka pulled out her phone and googled “What to do when your producer demands sex?“  As Amaka read about this abuse casually termed “casting-couch syndrome”, she grew angry.  Angry at the men and at the women who allowed themselves to be used because of desperation.  No, she couldn’t let this one slide.  She would fight it…

She decided to search for law firms that dealt with criminal cases, including sexual harassment law-suits.  She came across a few names, and a particular name and picture stood out from among them.  There was something very familiar about that name.  She clinked on the Linkedin profile the search result linked to, and gasped when she saw the picture of the man, who she had met only twice in her life, but still plagued her dreams.

Bolu Adetayo.  Senior Partner at Crown Legal.  Oh my God?!  Is this fate?!


“Ifeanyi…  All work and no play makes Jack a very dull boy.  We will get to that,” Ms Florence smiled, taking another bite of her chicken wing.  “Hmmm…  This is delicious.  You really have to try this, dear.”

Ms Florence extended her fork, so that Ifeanyi could nibble on her wing.  He took in a deep breath as he did, biting off a bit of the skin and licking his mouth.  “You’re right.  It’s very tasty.”

“I knew you’d like it,” she beamed.  “I have great tastes you know.  That’s the thing about partnerships, Ifeanyi.  It’s not so much about assets as it’s about minds.  It would help us to know more about those we are seeking to enter business relationships with.  The right connection can be explosive!”

Ifeanyi watched as she chuckled.  He gulped.


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