A Small World – Season Three

A Small World - Season Three - N1500

In this jam-packed third season of A Small World, The Church Girl and her family are thrown into another scandal when Samson is arrested for a felony. Jamie and Adania are locked in a custody battle after she wakes up from her coma. Amaka has had enough of men treating her like a piece of meat and decides to take a film producer to court when he makes a pass at her.

Meanwhile, Promise, Ope, and Cindy find favour and a new beginning awaits after being Broken. Temi makes the hard decision of serving Oyinda divorce papers, but he compels her to go on a couples’ retreat with Danny and Tolu. But what will happen when he finally learns the secret she’s been hiding?

It’s An Emotional Affair all over again when Amaka shows up at Bolu’s office, requesting his services as a solicitor. Lola must now face the truth about her husband. Will he pass the test that only A Few Good Men will?


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  1. Just as her stories maybe,they always feel so real,this one was no expectation.This thing called forgiveness is something hard to do,but we just have to,so we can steady our hearts,so we can live,so we can have peace,seeking solace in the arms of another won’t wipe away the sadness,the thought (oyinda and temi).
    When we know how important something is to us,we should be ready to sacrifice, just one single sacrifice will save us from a lot of trouble (Bolu).
    It is understandable that not everyone got to learn something the easy way,but with the grace of God we can change and see the truth (samson and Jamie).
    I mean I learnt a lot just from this season alone,infact next season please.

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  2. Victoria Ozidu

    I loved this book. Characters are very relatable and likeable. I found myself rooting for everyone. I especially enjoyed the marriage retreat part because the truths shared were so insightful.
    I think this book should be read by everyone. And I am so glad I have the privilege of enjoying Ufuoma’s unique talent. Bring on season 4!

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  3. Oh my! So much twist & drama. So many lessons. Ufuomaee’s books are so unpredictable. Every family has a story one can learn from and apply to our lives. Forgiveness….so deep! Great lesson. Many thanks Ufuomaee for being a channel once again.

    Good job.

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