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There's never been a better time to register to become a member of Ufuomaee's Series Blog...

For starters, if you've been enjoying my latest series, Beauty And The Beast, you can actually skip the wait and read it all, when you register today.  It's absolutely free to register, just go to:

In addition to early access to posts, members get exclusive access to some of my series too.  The Marriage ABCs is currently exclusive to members.  Also, you can only follow The Church Girl #OneChanceReplay if you are a registered member.  Mind you, episodes of this saga are only available for one week for members, but are accessible indefinitely to my patrons, God bless them

And here comes the big announcement...  Dom dom dom domm...  From the first of December 2018, I will be doing re-runs of old story series for those of you who might have missed them or simply wish to read them again.  Re-runs run every day until the series is completed, and the whole series is available online for a duration of one month or two, depending on the length of the series.  And re-runs are exclusive to members

I'll be starting off with An Emotional Affair!  Yes, it's going to be #AnEmotionalChristmas!!!  I'll be posting an episode a day of this fantastic, emotional series, right up to Boxing Day, when the Epilogue will air (coincidentally).  After that, we've got a few days of Christmas left, and I've got some tearjerker stories and inspirational posts to maintain the tone for an emotional Christmas

I hope you'll join me.  Sign up on the site...  Nothing to be afraid of.  You're in good company with almost 200 registered - legit - members.

The other thing is, I plan on releasing A Small World Season Three next year (hopefully by April), and if you've never read An Emotional Affair, you're missing some important pieces of the puzzle in A Small World Seasonal Series.  Re-runs of Season One should kick off from the first of February next year, in keeping with the theme; "Valentine's Day".

Have I whet your appetite yet?  Register now, and don't miss out on all the fun.  Hey, don't forget to tell a friend you love too

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