‘Til Death Do Us Part (A Short Story)

Til Death Do Us Part (A Short Story) - Free

The story of Alicia, Adrian and Estelle, three friends caught in a love triangle. It is a story of love, marriage, infidelity and the worst kind of betrayal. The story unravels when Alicia discovers that she has contracted the human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) and decides to confront her husband, whose infidelity is well known.


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    Ufuomaee is an amazing author, take it or leave it. I’m in awe of how her mind operates. This story was so intriguing and once I started reading, I couldn’t stop because I wanted to know what would happen next! I would recommend this book to everyone who loves a good story!

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  2. This story is intresting,while some woman fall under estelle some other are like alicia but it’s important to know the place u fall into if u want to be housewife or an independent lady inorder to avoid being miserable in the future and true love from both sides is importance;alicia despite knowing that adrian was deeply inlove with estelle she gave her self to him thinking that it will get better but it only get worst even with the baby boy he still wasn’t satisfied. Thanks ufuo for the story

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  3. I must confess this is an excellent read. I enjoyed every bit of the story.

    Till death do us part still happens to this day. The average woman in love is blinded by emotions. Even when she is aware she is used and unloved, she dares to take that emotional trip without giving heed to the cost.
    Alicia saw the bumps ahead. But she ignored them. She used her children as bait to get Adrian’s attention. But what did she get in return?
    She can lament all she wants but I think she is the architect of her own misery.

    Being emotional isn’t a weakness but a strength. We must learn to take every romantic trip with our hearts and brains (common sense).

    You have done well, Ufuomaee.??

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