A Small World: Season Two – Three Weddings And A Funeral (Episode 1)


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I’m getting married! To a wonderful, beautiful, Christian woman. Who would have thought, eh? We actually met on a plane, last August, when I came home for the Summer. When we first met, I couldn’t wait to leave her side. She’s one of those evangelists, y'know? And now, I am one of those evangelists too! Wow…God is good!

Jason took a deep, calming breath. He could hardly believe it. He had just dropped Fiona off at her apartment after their romantic Valentine’s dinner at The Little Door, where he had popped the question and got a squeal in response. He hadn’t known what she would say. They really hadn’t courted for long.

It was over Christmas that he knew she was the one. He had been watching her as she worked to set up the stage for the carol service that was holding at their church. He was one of the musicians; the guitarist. She was such a hard worker but never fought for the limelight. As he observed and appreciated her humility, he heard a word in his spirit. It was almost like the Holy Spirit said, “She’s the one.”

It was also then he began to admire her in a new way. He hadn’t noticed the distinctive shape of her face nor her almond-shaped eyes and long lashes before. The features he had always thought were ordinary were now appealing to him, and he often found himself staring at her.

But he wasn’t ready for marriage, he’d thought. He didn’t even think he was ready for a relationship. However, he knew she was. She’d confided in him once and told him how she prayed for God to send her His best.

That memory was unnerving. It made Jason feel insecure. Was he really the best God had in mind for this amazing lady? He didn’t feel qualified anymore, though he had just received a confirmation in his spirit.

So, he’d prayed about it and for the boldness to approach her for courtship. They were already good friends, who hung out often, but she had never shown any interest in him in that way. At least, he had never noticed. In fact, she treated him like a child most times.

He remembered how strange he’d felt when she called him her ‘spiritual baby’ the first time. She had been the one to bring him to the Lord. And when they had returned to the US, she’d invited him to her church and made a home for him there. Yet, he didn’t like being referred to as a ‘baby,’ at least not in reference to his immaturity nor inferiority to her.

But after that carol service, he had seen the look in her eyes. Maybe because he was looking intently into them this time. He had gone to the pastor of their fellowship to seek his counsel about starting a relationship with Miss Fiona Kingsley.

I’ve been waiting for a man to come to me and make this request. Fiona is a very special lady with a heart for God and a calling for ministry. She’s not classically beautiful, so I always knew the man who would come to ask her hand in marriage would be a visionary. I have been watching you these few months, and I want to believe that you are the one God has chosen for her. Go with God,” he had said, leaving Jason gobsmacked and more anxious than ever. But excited nonetheless.

Before the year ended, he found the courage and opportunity to tell her of his intentions. She had asked to pray about it, and early in the New Year, she said "yes" to courtship. Not a lot changed about their relationship, as they were already quite close and comfortable with each other. But now, they easily talked about their growing feelings for each other, and their dreams for a future they hoped to share together. And she stopped calling him her ‘spiritual baby.’ Thank God!

Jason couldn’t keep the news about his engagement to himself. He decided he would call his best friend and brother, Jimmy, who had become his confidant and mentor since he gave his life to Christ last year. The brothers had always been close, but sharing this spiritual connection made them even closer. They both regularly prayed for their brother, Jamie, who had withdrawn himself from them following Jason’s conversion.

“Hey, Jimmy! Guess what?” Jason beamed on the phone.


Thank You, Lord, for what You are doing through this ordeal. Lord, I have never seen my brother the way I saw him yesterday. I know it is because You are at work in his life. Thank You for answering my prayers for him.

Please don’t take Adania away… Please bring her back to us so that Jamie will know You are a miracle-working God. But Lord, You know best. Let Your will be done.

Jimmy prayed in the early morning, as he did every day. He remembered how broken Jamie had been last night at the hospital. He had seen the look in his eyes when he’d beheld his son, who he had almost lost after Adania’s fall. He wondered how he would have coped through the night. Jimmy knew Jamie longed to carry his son, but Mrs Nkechi had denied him access and insisted that they leave the hospital or she would call the police.

Jimmy observed how Jamie had composed himself after that. He was a little worried that Mrs Nkechi’s coldness would harden Jamie again, but he knew she was only trying to protect her daughter and grandchild from him, though it was too little too late.

He had comforted his brother and prayed over him, telling him that Jesus had already forgiven him and asking him to simply let Him in. Jamie had nodded, but Jimmy wasn’t sure if his words had made an impact. It was in God’s hands. All he could do was keep praying.

A call came in from the US. It was his brother, Jason, in Los Angeles. With all that had happened yesterday, he had completely forgotten about him. He smiled as he slid his finger across his mobile phone screen to answer the call.

“Hey, little brother… What’s up?” he answered.

“I’m getting married!” Jason announced joyously.

“Oh, awesome! You proposed already?”

“Yeah… You think it’s too soon?”

“Well, it’s you, Jason… You’ve never done anything the normal way. As long as you are following God on this, I am happy for you.”

“Thanks, bro! That means a lot. I just know that she’s the one, and every day we are together, I keep wondering what else I am waiting for… So, I took the plunge!”

“Cool. Brace yourself for some news, though…”

“What? Is everything okay?”

“No… Adania had a fall. She’s in a coma.”

“What? What happened? Where was Jamie?”

“I don’t really know what happened. But Jamie’s blaming himself. He’s not taking it very well. I think he’s finally realised that he loves her…”

“Well, let’s hope it’s not too late for them. I will pray for her too. What about the baby?”

“He’s fine. They did a caesarean section. He pulled through, but he’s still in the hospital.”

“Praise God for little victories! Adania will pull through too. I just know it. Let’s keep praying.”

“Yeah… I’m believing God for that too.”

“Okay, I’ll let you go. We’ll catch up later.”

“Thanks for calling. And congrats again, bro. I can’t wait to see your Fiona.”

“I can’t wait for you both to meet her! G’night or good morning, bro,” Jason giggled, before he clicked off the line.

Jimmy smiled and put his phone away. Everything was going to be alright. He just knew it. Thank You, Lord, for everything!


Jamie was in bed at 9 am, Monday morning, when he heard a small rap on the door. He had overslept after having a hard time falling asleep last night. He had returned home to an empty house. Princess had left his food prepared and served on the dining table, but he hadn’t had any appetite for it, though he longed for a drink.

He hadn’t known what to do when he'd returned home. However, he'd found himself in Adania’s room, which he hadn’t entered in months. The room smelt of lavender, her favourite flower and perfume fragrance. He noticed she’d made some changes to the room too, and on her dressing table was a framed picture of both of them during their visit to Universal Studios about five years ago.

Jamie picked up the picture and studied it. They looked good together. And he had been looking at her lovingly while she had on a cheeky smile. That was the summer before he met Amaka. He put the picture down and left the room as his eyes clouded over.

Out of curiosity, he opened the door to the nursery. He hadn’t been in there ever, even though Adania had told him of all the things she was doing to make the place homey for their child. He hadn’t been interested in indulging Adania in her fantasies about their relationship. He remembered the hateful things he had said to her, and he was sad.

The sight that visited him, when he opened the door to the nursery, broke the dam. Jamie cried out loud, with no one to hear him. She’d decorated their child’s room with the theme of his favourite football club, Manchester United. Everything was red and white.

He crumbled to the floor and cried. What had he done? How had he almost missed this? What if little Tommy never got to grow up in this room because of the way he had treated his mother. Little Tommy? How had he come to settle on that name? He liked it. Tom Solomon. He was a father!

Jamie pulled himself together and went to his room, sober and resolute. Things had to change. He wouldn’t be denied his parental rights. His son would be coming home, and he needed his father. And it would be so much easier if Adania would just wake up…and forgive him.

Princess popped her head in the door, when Jamie didn’t respond to her gentle knocks. “Sir, will you have breakfast?” she asked.

Jamie was starving, since he'd missed lunch and dinner the day before. He turned to face her and nodded. He swallowed, remembering what they had done the last time he’d seen her.

“What would you like, sir?” Princess asked sincerely.

“Anything,” Jamie replied, turned his back to her, and closed his eyes.

“Excuse me, sir. What about Madam? Is she alright?” Princess asked, but Jamie ignored her.

He heard the door shut moments later, and he breathed out a sigh. He couldn’t believe he had to get a new help. Princess was a good one, and he had gone and ruined everything because he didn’t know how to keep his dick in his pants! Where in the world was he supposed to find a replacement help now?

He eventually got out of bed, showered, and brushed his teeth. When he came out of the bathroom, Princess returned to inform him that his breakfast was waiting for him downstairs. She lingered in the room as she made attempts to make the bed. Jamie could sense that she had other interests besides making his bed and serving him breakfast. Today, she had on a short, black dress. The poor girl, he thought.

“Is there anything else you want me to do for you, sir?” she asked, her hands shaking, and her eyes on the floor.

“No, thank you. You may go,” Jamie said, even though it was so hard for him to say that to her…a woman who so clearly and desperately wanted him.

Princess nodded and headed for the door after straightening the last crease on the bed she had just laid.

“Wait, Princess…” She turned around at the door, a smile threatening to break on her face. “Please ask the agency to send me someone else. I think it would be best if we don’t see each other again. I hope you will forgive me for yesterday…”

Princess swallowed hard. She simply nodded as she closed the door gently behind herself.

To be continued...

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