A Preview: A Small World – Season Two (Three Weddings And A Funeral)


Please note that this series contains some sexually explicit content, violence and offensive language.  It is not appropriate for children nor an immature and sensitive audience.

From Wednesday, the 4th October, 2017, I will be releasing the much awaited second season of A Small World on my Patreon Page twice weekly, for those who have subscribed for A Small World Exclusive!  The story will be released officially in November to the public, and will also be available as an ebook for those who would like to support this ministry!  You can get the ebook for Season One of A Small World on AmazonSmashwords and Okadabooks.

Here’s a preview to what’s in store.


It was over Christmas that he knew she was the One.  He had been watching her as she worked to set up the stage for the Carol Service that was holding at their Church.  He was one of the musicians and was playing the guitar.  She was such a hard worker, but never fought for the limelight.  As he observed and appreciated her humility, he heard a word in his spirit.  It was almost like the Holy Spirit said “She’s the one”.

It was also then he began to admire her in a new way.  He had never truly noticed the perfect shape of her face, nor her almond-shaped eyes and long lashes before.  The features he had always thought were ordinary, began to be appealing to him, such that he often found himself staring at her.


He eventually got out of bed, showered and brushed his teeth.  When he came out of the bathroom, Princess returned to inform him that his breakfast was waiting for him downstairs.  She lingered in the room, as she made attempts to make the bed.  Jamie could sense that she had other interests besides making his bed and serving him breakfast.  Today, she had on a short, black dress.  The poor girl, he thought.

“Is there anything else you want me to do for you, Sir?” she asked, her hands shaking, and her eyes on the floor.

“No, thank you.  You may go,” Jamie said, even though it was so hard for him to say that to her…a woman who so clearly and desperately wanted him.


Oyinda swallowed.  He had wondered how she got a hold of his wallet.  But he’d kept it in his back pocket, and her explanation was feasible.  However, that really wasn’t why he was in a rush.  He already knew her type.  She’d have him sipping tea and giggling before she’d let him even touch her breasts.  He didn’t have time for that.  Maybe another time, but he had to go home now, and find out what his wife knew and see how much shit he was in.


Kemi was nervous.  Amy had just suddenly disappeared and left her all alone.  What was THS doing there, and why wasn’t he saying anything?  When he had held her gaze while modelling, she was sure her knees were going to give way on her.  But she hadn’t been able to take her eyes off him, until he winked at her.  What did that mean?

“Ummm…just wanted to say thanks…” he said, as if in response to her thoughts.

“For what?”

“Well, I sort of used you as my focal point back there.  I think I owe my winning confidence to you.  But I’m ashamed to say that I don’t even know your name…”


“Jennifer’s at the door!” Samuel whispers into the phone.  “Did you guys have plans again?”

“No, Bro.  Abeg, break up with her for me…  I’m sorry, I have to go…”

What?”  The phone goes dead.  Jennifer is knocking impatiently at the door.

Samuel pulls himself together.  Remembers to take off his “WWJD” T-Shirt, and puts on Samson’s vest, before he opens the door.  It is a marvel that the girls still couldn’t tell them apart.

“Sorry, I was in the bathroom,” he says, when he opens the door.  “What’s up, Babe?”

“I’ve got Chlamydia.  That’s what’s up!”


Amaka turned the leaf of the book she was reading to her sister, Adania, who laid comatose on her bed at the Royal Care Hospital.  She’d read somewhere that reading and talking to patients in a coma could help revive them, as it sometimes enters their subconscious and stimulates their mind.  She’d chosen one of Adania’s favourite love stories, ‘Scarlet Ribbons’ by Emma Blair.

She’d taken to reading to Adania for one hour each day, since she found out about her fall.  She’d learnt from Jamie that it had been an accident, when they had crossed paths on her second day at the Hospital.  She didn’t know what to believe, because she knew she could never put anything past Jamie.  Even pushing a pregnant woman down the stairs!  But she had noticed that there was something different about him.  Something broken.


When the women looked up at her expectantly and disappointed that she was empty handed, she shrugged.  “My man’s on it.”

Lola and Chidinma exchanged looks and giggled.  “Mr Romantic has come!  Let him teach them, oh,” Chidinma said at last, and Mary joined in the giggles.  She really didn’t see what all the fuss was about.

But Lola did.  She wished Bolu had come.  She knew the notice had been short, but she really wished he would learn to say ‘no’ to work in preference for spending time with her more often.


Richard was struggling with the expression to keep on his face.  He was neither smiling nor frowning, and was trying hard to hide his shock at recognising the woman in front of him.  Was this Ope’s wife?  This whore?  He was mad all of a sudden, but tried not to let it show.  He would have to handle this information delicately, and maximize its opportunities for gain.

“Good afternoon…?” Richard pretended not to know her name, communicating to her that he intended to keep the knowledge of their prior relationship a secret.  But he would never forget that whorish name, which really did not suit her.  Promise.


“Danny…” Tolu called after him.

He paused by the car door.  “It’s okay, Tolu.  Take your time.  I love you.”

Tolu covered her mouth to keep from sobbing as she watched Danny enter his car and drive away.  Why couldn’t she just have told him everything?  What was she afraid of?  And why was this fool calling her at this time and sabotaging her relationship with Danny?

She stormed back into her apartment angrily.  What a way to ruin a beautiful evening!  Fucking Asshole!!!

When she got in, her phone rang again.  It was Femi.  She picked up enraged.  “For God’s sake, stop calling me!  I am happy, okay?!  I am happy, and you are a selfish bastard, who doesn’t want me to be happy!  Just leave me the hell alone!”


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