The Naive Wife (Rachel’s Diary)

The Naive Wife (Rachel's Diary) - N1500!

Three months after making her choice between Ejike, Doug, and Dongjap, Rachel dusts off her diary...

They are expecting a baby, but her marriage is not what she anticipated it would be. But that's just normal, right? Nothing real faith and fervent prayer can't handle...

But as the years go by, Rachel wonders maybe she's been looking at things all wrong. Maybe it's not too late to make a different choice...

Rachel's Diary is the second volume of The Naive Wife trilogy on love, marriage, and faith. It is an entertaining and eye-opening read for singles and married folks alike.


27 thoughts on “The Naive Wife (Rachel’s Diary)”

  1. Folashade Oguntoyinbo

    Where do I start?
    The Naive Wife has actually been an eye opener for me, especially in terms of choosing a life partner.
    It made me realize that you should not judge a book by its cover. You should not judge someone by their past like the case of Ejike.
    I have learnt to open my heart wide for the leading of the Holy Spirit and not to be distracted no matter the pressure of life.
    Thank you so much, Ufuomaee for this beautiful piece.
    It really gladdens my heart.
    More inspiration.

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  2. Ufuoma is a teacher. Standing ovation for the love and marriage nuggets in this book. I love that she tackled the controversial issue of “hearing” from God, when it might be a case of misguided decision making. With this second book, so invested in the characters have I become that I spent the better part of the book so ANGRY at one, if not more, of the central characters. I’m also not pleased about the wait to find out how everything unfolds. But wait I will…and with bated breath too. Well done, Ufuoma. It was an enjoyable read!

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  3. The Naive wife- Rachel’s Diary is the second part of the three part book.
    The book carries us through the lives of Rachel after marriage. She faces the effects of her choice. She sees how she misinterpreted God’s word to her and how it made her marriage miserable.
    It has actually opened my eyes to a lot of things. On how we should really be clear on what we want and how we should not make decisions for God or misinterpret his words to us.
    It also talked about acknowledging whatever signs that was there during courtship/dating and making a decision about them.
    This book is relatable and recommended to both single, married, male and female. It will take you through many emotions.
    This book reflects the Christian walk and how many people make mistakes thinking they are doing the right thing. It even reminds us that temptations are bound to arise but how we handle it matters alot..
    I love this book so much and there are a lot to learn from it. I can’t wait for the Part three and I’m rooting for Rachel.
    Well done Ufuomaee. It was inspiring and educative.

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  4. Dele-Ofik Eniola

    I haven’t read the first book but the second? I just finished it and let me just say…I AM NEVER GETTING MARRIED WITHOUT GOD LEADING ME TO MR RIGHT. Thank you so much for this wonderful book ma. The Lord bless you greatly….Quick question though, when does the third book come out?????

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  5. Let me say this first and foremost this book is one of my best read this month?Like it was captivating, you just can’t help but want to read the next page. I like the fact that the book is relatable and even though I got angry at how Rachel’s character is playing out but that’s reality for you right?? Apart from that, I have learnt that in whatever step we want to take, the Father is always there to help us take the step in the right way, if only we can allow him help us in totality. I also learnt that we should avoid assuming things and stop judging people based on hearsay or what their past says. There is more to a person if only we can give the person benefit of doubt. And as singles whether male or female, we need to be careful in choosing as it more about the heart than the appearance. Lastly the need for a worthy and accountability partner like Ihotu can not be over emphasised. We all need that friend that we can pour our heart to without the fear of being judged.
    Thank you Ufuomaee for this great piece. I am eagerly expecting the concluding part, but please dnt make me scream out of anger this time around oo…lol

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  6. Well, what can I say? I don’t usually like to read serial novels unless I have the complete set before I start the first book. I don’t like waiting for the next book! Reading through Rachel’s Diary, I felt so much pity for Rachel. This is what some people go through and you wonder why such things happen! This is realistic and captivating writing by Ufuoma. Can’t wait to see what happens next. Many lessons learnt, especially the way God sometimes allows things to go on while working in the background. He truly makes all things beautiful in His time! Carry on, Ufuoma. Keep writing the good stuff!

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  7. Ufuomaee knows how to draw the emotions of joy, anger, and of course laughter from her readers. The Naive Wife – Rachel’s Diary was a good read with so much to learn. I look forward to reading Book Three. Well done Ufuoma!

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  8. My favourite thing about this book (and Rachel’s choice) is how it presents the reader with a fine balance of practical advice, realistic situations and religious admonition.
    The story itself is intricately woven, and I’m certain it’s one that many people can relate to. It doesn’t help the situation at all that the main characters are in such close proximity to each other. All the tension, the emotional turmoil, the frustration and the confusion are also clearly conveyed.
    I can’t wait for the concluding part because this is one story that really needs to end well for the main guys involved. There’s also a key lesson in here for young people to take their time and not just judge things at face value, even as we seek God’s guidance on important life decisions.
    The book is very well written and I love that the pace is quick, so reading is not a drag.

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  9. Huwa Okoyomoh

    Well this was definitely an interesting read. Not what I expected at all which was amazing ’cause I love a character that has flaws and a story that shows them battling it and in turn growing. Rachel was going through it and it was an exciting following her journey.

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  10. I thoroughly enjoyed reading Rachel’s Dairy, I even took a picture with the book, haha!

    So, a couple of months ago, I read Rachel’s Choice; the first of the NAÏVE WIFE Trilogy and had a great time reading that as well. Oh, it was good.

    I’m usually a fast reader, but it took me a whopping eight days to finish this particular book. However, I stuck with it because the story gripped me. My only issue is that it doesn’t really end the way I want it to, which is not necessarily a bad thing. Lol… Maybe after reading, you might like the ending.

    Not to give out any spoilers, but Rachel’s Dairy is an incredible book and really a great read for everyone, single and married. It will challenge you in every area of your life including your relationship with God, marriage, keeping great friends you can count on, fighting temptation and turning pain into purpose.

    If you haven’t read any of Ufuomaee’s book, you should. You will be impressed at how she portrays characters facing real-life challenges and tests to their faith in a way that seemed real and powerful, without feeling contrived.

    So overall? Rachel’s Dairy is definitely a five-star read for me. I’m looking forward to the next book Rachel’s Hope.

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  11. Ufuoma is a GREAT writer!

    After Reading Rachel’s Choice, I couldn’t wait to tuck into the next book in The Naive Wife series – Rachel’s Diary – since the former ended on a cliff hanger.

    I wasn’t disappointed at all and like Rachel’s Choice, I didn’t want to put it down once I got into it.

    I kept thinking to myself, can I find Doug and give him a very dirty slap?? (Okay Ayo, call down lol). The sad reality is that there are many situations in the real world that Rachel has found herself.

    I honestly don’t know how this is going to end up and that’s the beauty of Ufuoma’s writing style. It’s so real, I want to ask her to show us the real life Rachel, Doug and Ejike lol.

    I’m torn in my emotions, should I agree with this or should I not enjoy what happened with A and B so much lol (No spoilers, you will need to read to find out what I’m talking about)

    So many things to learn and pick up from these books.

    On a related note, I applaud Ufuoma’s counsel in this book – Very wise and balanced.

    This is not just a beautiful novel, it is a great resource for every woman, especially if you’re not yet married. Please read it!!

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  12. I yelled, laughed, groaned, teased, spoke in tongues and considered murder by blood bending as I read the Naive Wife Trilogy by Ufuomaee. The stories are relatable, the themes captivating and the characters remind me of people I’ve known or know. This is a well-crafted body of work that fully entertains while drawing attention to the vital issues of relationships, marriages and our approach to them as believers. Ufuoma highlights foolish decisions without degrading the decision-makers. She shows the frailty of those who try to do good and the availability of grace for all. She addresses difficult subjects showing the dilemma of making tough decisions. She places before her readers the tension between love and justice. I found all three books both exciting and enriching. Single, married, separated, divorced, whatever your status, this book is highly recommended.

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  13. Anietie Bature

    I was wondering how Volume 2 would be. Now I can say it’s a really good step up on all fronts. The way the plot develops is so engaging and entertaining.
    There’s really a lot to learn and I would encourage young ladies everywhere who plan to get married someday to read this. That way, they reduce their risk of becoming naive wives.

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