A Small World – Season One

A Small World - Season One - N1000

The lives of the characters of 'An Emotional Affair', 'Broken,' and 'The Church Girl' continue in this seasonal series.

It's A Small World after all, in this dramatic, romantic, and inspiring story about ordinary people living complicated lives.

Season One's theme is Valentine's Day. As the friends and lovers prepare to celebrate this romantic day, secrets are exposed, hearts are broken, and calamity strikes. But not all are losers in love. Some enjoy a sweet blissful romance in the midst of it all.


4 thoughts on “A Small World – Season One”

  1. I just finished this amazing piece and it was really worth it. The story was perfectly written and each story was relatable.
    it was like you were in different families and writing out their stories, so many lessons learnt and so many relatable scenarios.

    I’ve started season 2 and 3. I really can’t wait to see the end of these stories.
    Thank you for being a blessing ma’am.

    Thank you for restoring hope through your writings.

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  2. A small world….wonderful twist embedded in different families. The choice of character was on point. I was glued to the pages and just had to keep on reading.
    Suspense therein is mind blowing. A wonderful work of Art.
    God bless you.

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