The God Who Loves Me

The God Who Loves Me - N750

This is a collection of poetry I have written on my blog, Grace and Truth at, since 2012. They capture my passion for Christ and dependency on God. Some are based on my own real experiences and challenges in my life and work, while others are inspired by other people's stories. They are timeless, relatable, inspiring and uplifting. Be blessed as you read.


The ebook is also available at Would you like the paperback or audio version?  Contact me to make that available for you.

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2 thoughts on “The God Who Loves Me”

  1. Awoyomi Oluwadamilola

    I learnt a lot of lessons from ‘The God Who Loves Me’

    I learnt about the how powerful God is, how he did unbelievable things just to die for our sins, how we can always be controlled by our emotions thereby doing things we aren’t supposed to do and looking for love in the wrong places. And that even though we are prone to make mistakes, fail, be weak, foolish. Through Jesus Christ, we can be made perfect. I realized that bcos God has given us grace doesn’t mean we should keep sinning or always act selfishly. It is to understand that we are God’s captive and handiwork created for His works. We should always pray that we should be controlled by the spirit, humble and renewed in our minds as we obey God.

    We should always learn to love the people who do not love us and treat them with kindness. We should endure whatever they do to us and show them the power of God’s love, always forgive them no matter what they do bcos God has given us that gift freely. How God suffered and died on the cross just to deliver us from our sins,from hell and from being captives of Satan teaching us to also lay our lives down willingly.

    How we should always show compassion just as Jesus did, love as He loves and always learn to rely in His spirit in times of weakness.

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