A Bella Naija Review On ‘The Church Girl’ – Good Or Bad?

Hey, you guys…  I just got my first official review on The Church Girl!  It is written by Okadabooks, where I first published my book, earlier this month, and published on Bella Naija, one of Nigeria’s top blogs for everything HOT!!!

I really didn’t know what to expect with the review.  At first, I was like “too much information guys!!!”, but then, I guess it was needed, for them to make their point…which I fully support, LOL!  You will need to read the review for yourself to get their point, but here’s an excerpt:

One of my female friends has dated the same guy since convocation six years ago. Their love’s the loud, expressive kind: trips around Nigeria, Ake Festival every year (pfftt…these artsy types), cupcake deliveries. The works. The lovey-dovey attitude is sweet and all but you know what’s more constant than the sweet words? Their erratic breakups over the silliest things.

Reading about the couple (Ifeanyi and Mary) in Ufuomaee’s The Church Girl reminds me of these dear friends. With two engagements broken off, a pregnancy from an ex-girlfriend, betrayals everywhere and parental opposition to their union, Ifeanyi and Mary constantly seemed to be headed for Rockyville. Sure their breakups were about more legit stuff, but it was a crazy emotional ride even for me.

When they first met, Ifeanyi was a womanizer. Mary wasn’t interested in him because, c’mon, how many girls still stick around after hearing a guy is a player?

Read all of it at https://www.bellanaija.com/2017/05/ufuomaees-church-girl-teaches-literallywhatshot/

Did they try for me?  Interested in doing a review?  Get in touch with me@ufuomaee.com so you can get your free copy to read and review.  Thanks!

Follow this link to know more about ‘The Church Girl’ and how you can get your copies: www.ufuomaee.org/get-the-church-girl

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