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Jamie languishes in jail, arrested for the one crime he didn’t commit. He realises that a guilty conscience is a heavy burden to bear, but where is God when you need Him? It seems it will take divine intervention to deliver him from his physical and mental chains.

Despite their weekend retreat and Oyinda’s new professed faith, Temi seems determined to make him pay for all the hurt he has caused her. Oyinda soon falls back into his old ways, hurt by his wife’s infidelity. It takes a disaster to make them both realise their true feelings, but it seems that time is not on their side…

News of a plane crash from Abuja to Lagos shocks and devastates the country. In the aftermath, old friends are reacquainted, and Danny and Tolu open their hearts to welcome an orphan boy.

Antonia wrestles with her conscience and her family as Samson’s court date looms closer. Mary and her family are presented with an offer to end their troubles. In a country riddled with corruption, it seems as though the truth cannot save the one who holds to it.

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