The Naive Wife Trilogy

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The Naive Wife Trilogy follows Rachel, a radio-personality and passionate lover of Christ.  Like most young women in their thirties, she feels the pressure to marry, and it is piled on as her younger sister prepares to get married.  At her sister’s introduction, she meets two men, Doug and Ejike, who both approach her with interests to date her.  Her producer, Dongjap, also throws his hat in the ring, but who will Rachel choose?

After she makes her choice, she begins to see things she had perceived before, but not really paid attention to.  She realises that she hastily entered her marriage and doesn’t know her husband like she thought she did.  She writes in her diary about how they have the usual trials of marriage, but not the usual joys.  Rachel battles with loneliness and also her desire for someone who she now believes she should have married instead.

In Rachel’s hope, we see Rachel taking ownership of her choices and the direction of her life.  The many lessons about love, marriage, and faith ripen, as more things fall into or out of place for Rachel and her friends.  The Naive Wife is a relatable story, which draws on the experiences of many Nigerian women who are anxious to marry, but also eager to please God.

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2 reviews for The Naive Wife Trilogy

  1. toriatai (verified owner)

    Review for The Naive Wife Trilogy
    ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

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    • Ufuomaee (verified owner)

      Thanks so much for reading and sharing your review too. You are blessed ????

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  2. toriatai (verified owner)

    When I read the first part, I was emotionally down about her choice and it dawned on me the mistakes so many have made, then I summoned courage read the remaining two series and I’m glad I did. I love the way it ended as I’m tired of doctrines that hold women especially captive expecting & encouraging them to keep praying till their dying days. I’m grateful for GOD’ grace and wisdom at work in you. More grace Ma!

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