What's The Difference?

Combos are groups of three books sold together for a discounted price, saving you money.  They are fixed and can't be amended, but you can get as many combos as you like for your library.  Combos are different from packages because as new books are published, the packages will be automatically updated, but the combos will remain the same.  You will need to buy the new book separately or get it among a new combo.

Apart from The Collections, packages are only available for patrons, who have subscribed or pledged to support this ministry through regular contributions.  Patrons are given access to various packages as a show of appreciation for their support.  The assignment of packages to patrons is at the discretion of the author alone.  In addition, all patrons get early access to new eBooks and exclusive access to all these stories as they are published on my blog as story series.

If you'd like to become a patron, CLICK HERE or CONTACT ME if you are having challenges registering via Patreon.com.

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