Due to the rise of Atheistic bloggers that have been visiting my blog, and a couple of trolls among them wasting my time and others, and posting offensive comments in response to civil conversation, I have decided to take moderation more seriously on my blog.

What this means for the majority of genuine readers and comments is that I will be manually approving all your comments.  It’s more work for me, slower communication for you, but better for my domain space, which I would like to bring glory to God in every way.  I don’t mean to infuriate anyone, or deter anyone genuine from commenting, but knowing the amount of haters of the Gospel out there, I am mandated to be diligent, even in this area!

So, there will be some housecleaning, as I delete some of the trollish comments I had let slide in the past. In addition, repeat offenders will be banned once and for all, as I have no time or interest in engaging time wasters. Thank you for taking note.

Censorship is my right and my privilege on my blog and domain!  I pay good money to keep adverts off this blog, and it makes sense that those campaigning through their comments should also be censored.  I make no apologies, because the online terrain makes this practice essential. If you don’t feel like you’re free to express your disapproval or contrary views here, you are free to express your sentiments on your blog, where I couldn’t stop you if I tried!

Thanks to my faithful encouragers and followers for understanding this change in administration.  I appreciate your support and comments!  God bless you all.

Sincerely, Ufuoma.

September 11th, 2015.

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